Market research definition

Market research is a systematic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting relevant data on specific market conditions. It is an essential part of Growth Marketing and is used to make business decisions and create strategic plans.

Simply put, market research is the analysis of the market and its behavior to better understand what customers want and how to profitably use those insights.

Market research

Why is market research important?

Market research is essential for any company that wants to stay competitive and grow. After all, good market research enables companies to obtain important information about customers, competitors, current market trends and economic conditions. This information can then be used to improve a product or service, develop an effective marketing strategy, and better respond to market needs.

The process of market research

The process of market research involves several steps, starting with the definition of the research question and ending with the analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

The first step in market research is to formulate a clear and precise research question. What exactly is to be researched? Who is the target group? What information is needed?

The next step is to collect data. Various methods and techniques, such as surveys, interviews, observations, and case studies, are used in this process.

Once the data is available, it is analyzed and interpreted. In this step, it is important to see the data in context and in relation to the original research question.

Application areas of market research

Market research is applicable in many areas. It can be used to define the target audience, create a buyer persona, define your USP and for many other purposes.

Key factors influencing market research

The success of market research depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the data collected, the effectiveness of the research methods used, and the organization’s ability to interpret and use the results in a meaningful and useful way.


Simply put – market research enables companies to make informed business decisions and develop strategies that ensure growth, profitability and long-term success. It is an indispensable tool for any company that wants to increase its market share, better understand its customers and strengthen its competitive position.