Dwell time definition

Dwell time is an important metric in online marketing and SEO. It measures how long a visitor stays on your website after clicking on it. Dwell time can tell you how interesting and relevant your content is to the user.

Dwell time

Why is dwell time important?

A high dwell time can be an indicator that your content is engaging and providing value to the reader. When visitors stay on your site for a long time, it signals to Google that your content is of high quality. This can help improve your position in search results.

In addition, high dwell time can indicate that visitors are diving deeper into your site and visiting multiple pages – which in turn increases the chance that they will convert or make a purchase.

How is dwell time measured?

Dwell time is usually measured using analytics tools such as Google Analytics. This measures the time from the first click on your website to the last click before leaving the page.

However, it is important to note that the measurement is not always accurate. For example, if a user opens multiple tabs and then switches between them, this can distort the measurement.

How can you improve dwell time?

There are several strategies to improve dwell time:

  1. High-quality content: Create high-quality content that adds value to the reader. The development of a content strategy can help here
  2. User-friendly design: Make your website as user-friendly as possible.
  3. Internal links: Place internal links to relevant content on your website. Here we help you in our Gudei SEO text writing.
  4. Multimedia content: Use videos, images or infographics to keep the reader on the page longer.
  5. Call-to-action (CTA): Prompt the user to take further action on your page (e.g. sign up for newsletter).


A high dwell time is not only important for the SEO ranking but also to keep potential customers on your website longer and thus achieve higher conversion rates. It is therefore always worth investing in good content and a user-friendly website!