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Acquiring new B2B customers – the basics for success

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Maurice – January 11, 2024 – 10 min read

Wondering how to land new B2B customers in today’s fast-paced business world? With all the competitive pressure and constantly changing market conditions, it is more important than ever to have the right tricks up your sleeve.

In this article, we provide you with valuable know-how and important impulses regarding successful new customer acquisition B2B methods and explain which mistakes you should avoid and how you can achieve your new customer acquisition goals in just five steps.

Definition: B2B new customer acquisition

B2B customer acquisition is the process by which companies actively acquire new business customers in order to expand their market presence and promote their growth. This process is crucial for the ongoing development and success of any B2B-oriented company.

In the business-to-business world, new customer acquisition refers to the strategies and tactics used to attract other companies as customers, as opposed to the B2C sector, where the focus is on the end consumer.

The challenge in B2B customer acquisition is not just to generate one-off sales, but to build lasting, trusting business relationships. This requires a deep understanding of the needs and challenges of business customers as well as customized solutions that offer real added value.

Differences in new customer acquisition – B2B and B2C

The acquisition of new customers differs significantly between the B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) sectors. These differences are fundamental to the development of effective marketing and sales strategies.

We have listed the main differences for you here:

Addressing target groupsFocus on business customers, emphasizing the value and efficiency of the offeringTargets end consumers, often with emotional messages
Decision-making processLonger, more complex paths with multiple decision-makersFaster purchasing decisions, mostly by individuals
Relationship managementLong-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefitOften transaction-based, focus on customer experience
Sales and marketing strategiesEmphasizing expertise, product performance and ROI (return on investment)Focus on brand image, emotionality, customer loyalty
Customer communicationDirect, informative approach, personal contact, customized solutionsBroad-based advertising campaigns, social media, online marketing
Differences between B2B and B2C in new customer acquisition

Recognizing and understanding these differences is crucial for companies in order to optimally align and successfully implement their new customer acquisition strategies.

Acquiring new customers is always important. But why is it even more important in the B2B sector? Let’s take a look.

Why B2B new customer acquisition is so important

The acquisition of new customers in the B2B sector is particularly important and is crucial for the long-term competitiveness and growth of companies.

There are many reasons for the increased importance in the B2B sector:

  • Market stability and risk diversification By acquiring new business customers, companies can reduce their dependence on individual major customers. This helps to stabilize the market position and minimize risk.
  • Long-lasting business relationships B2B relationships are often long-term and can last for years. The acquisition of a new business customer therefore has a potentially long-lasting and significant impact on a company’s turnover and growth.
  • Higher order values B2B transactions often have a higher value than B2C sales. A single B2B customer can therefore make a significant contribution to sales.
  • Driving innovation and growth New customers bring with them new requirements and perspectives, which can contribute to the innovation and further development of products and services.

Overall, acquiring new customers in the B2B sector is not only important for immediate sales, but also crucial for strategic market positioning, continuous innovation and sustainable business development.

B2B customer acquisition is also a strategic priority in growth marketing, our strategy that is geared towards rapid but sustainable growth. Customer acquisition is a key aspect here, as it directly influences a company’s potential as an engine for sustainable growth and offers opportunities for scaling.

But how can you still succeed in acquiring new customers in such a highly competitive and fast-moving market environment? We will now get to the bottom of this.

Modern methods of acquiring new customers in the B2B sector

In a market characterized by high competition and rapid change, it is a challenge to prevail in the acquisition of new customers. So how can you be successful in this dynamic environment?

It is crucial to use modern and effective methods that harness the power of digital marketing. These approaches not only make it possible to reach potential customers in a targeted manner, but also offer the flexibility and measurability required for rapid adaptation to market changes.

Below we look at three such modern acquisition methods that have proven particularly successful in the digital world:

Inbound marketing:

  • What it is: A method of generating interest and leads through valuable content (such as blog posts, whitepapers, webinars). This often goes hand in hand with content marketing.
  • Why it works: Inbound marketing attracts customers by offering solutions and knowledge instead of intrusive advertising. It builds trust and positions your company as an industry expert.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM):

  • What it is: Optimization of the website and online content to rank higher in search engine results; SEM includes paid advertising on search engines.
  • Why it works: SEO increases the visibility of your company for relevant search queries. SEM makes it possible to achieve visible results quickly and to bid on specific keywords.

Social Media Marketing:

  • What it is: Using platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing or Twitter, as part of social media marketing to share content, build networks and engage with potential customers and is also known as social selling.
  • Why it works: Social media enables direct and personal interaction with your target group. It offers the opportunity to strengthen brand presence and share relevant content, which contributes to lead generation.

These methods not only provide effective ways to reach and engage new customers, but also allow you to accurately measure the success of your efforts and make adjustments in real time.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that finding the right methods for acquiring new customers in the B2B sector is a very complex and individual process. There is no universal recipe that works equally well for every company. Rather, you need to carefully examine the various strategies available and adapt them to your specific context, resources and target group.

Successful integration into the existing marketing mix is crucial in order to create synergies and exploit the full potential of acquisition activities. Therefore, it is essential to continuously experiment, learn and adapt the methods to identify those that best fit your company’s unique character and goals.

So let’s take a look at 5 steps that can help you with this.

5 steps to successfully acquire new B2B customers

Definition of new customer acquisition B2B

You can follow these 5 steps to ensure that your new customer acquisition is successful. The following tips will give you valuable ideas and also ensure lasting sales success:

Step 1: Know your target group

To ensure that all measures for acquiring new customers are effective, you need to know your target group. Before you start any sales activities, you should therefore ask yourself who is a potential customer for you and what your needs are.

The best way to do this is to create a buyer persona. As a provider, you can use these to determine the needs of interested parties and act accordingly.

The more precise the target group, the more successful the strategy for acquiring new customers. Even small deviations can have a major impact on your success on social media or the effectiveness of strategies for acquiring new customers. Scatter loss should be avoided as far as possible.

Step 2: Diversify your acquisition strategies

Explanation of pull and push strategies

Effective customer acquisition in B2B sales requires more than just a single method. It is crucial to develop a balanced mix of push and pull activities to address different customer needs and create a variety of touchpoints.

  • Going beyond the limits of cold calling Traditional cold calling as typical push activities in the sense of calls or emails as initial contact can occasionally be effective, but is often associated with high effort and a low success rate. It can also be very frustrating for sales staff.
  • Effectiveness of pull strategies In contrast, pull activities often achieve better results. These methods, such as providing high-quality content (blog articles, white papers, newsletters) or offering free webinars, attract potential customers who show interest in your company on their own initiative. In addition, these pleasant initial contacts can generate contact data, which enables subsequent and more promising warm acquisition.
  • The importance of online presence A strong online presence is essential. A well-designed website, well thought-out content and an active presence on social media are essential to increase visibility and generate interest.
  • Integration of online marketing activities Digital marketing offers numerous opportunities for lead generation. It is important to use these channels strategically in order to reach potential customers effectively and accompany them on their buyer’s journey. Email marketing in particular can be very promising in the B2B segment to individually address customers who have already expressed interest.

By diversifying your strategy and incorporating both push and pull measures, you can develop a more robust, targeted and customer-oriented acquisition strategy. This not only leads to a higher number of leads, but also improves the quality of the leads you generate.

This means that leads can already be generated using suitable online marketing activities. This is why a suitable web presence and appropriate content in social media are extremely important in order to attract customers’ attention and convince them of your products and services long before they actually make a purchase.

Step 3: Use sales trigger events

If you want to win new customers, you have to stay on the ball. To stay one step ahead of your competitors when it comes to acquiring new customers, you need a strategy that works. You should stay up to date and react proactively to so-called sales trigger events.

Sales trigger events are significant events within a company or in its environment that offer opportunities to approach customers. Examples include changes in company management, expansions, product launches or significant industry trends. These events offer a unique opportunity to generate interest among potential customers and stand out from the competition.

The key here is to react quickly and appropriately to these events. By responding to these triggers promptly and with well-founded information, you demonstrate market knowledge and proactivity.

Use various communication channels such as social media, emails or blog posts to spread your message effectively. A well-thought-out post on LinkedIn or a concise tweet can emphasize your expertise and commitment. Also personalize your approach to show that you understand the specific needs and challenges of your potential customers. This increases the likelihood of a positive response.

Therefore, keep an eye out for relevant events and constantly analyze how they can be used for your acquisition strategy. A quick but well thought-out response to such events can give you a decisive advantage and strengthen your competitive position.

Step 4: Identify similar companies for your new customer acquisition

An efficient strategy for acquiring new customers in the B2B sector involves the targeted identification of companies that are similar to your existing customers. This method can significantly speed up the acquisition process and make it more effective.

Start with a thorough analysis of your current customer base. Identify common characteristics, needs and challenges that your existing customers have. Based on these findings, you can search for similar companies that are likely to have similar needs and challenges. This increases the chances of successful acquisition, as the solutions offered are already tried and tested.

Use case studies and references from satisfied existing customers to effectively target similar companies and increase confidence in your solutions.

By focusing on companies that are similar to your existing customers, you can increase the efficiency of your acquisition strategy and generate high-quality leads more quickly.

Step 5: Prepare yourself well

Have you established yourself on the market and have the first potential customers? Great, now your pitch has to be right! Because a convincing pitch can make all the difference.

Follow the motto of quality over quantity and focus on presenting high-quality and relevant information instead of overwhelming prospects with a flood of data. The relevance and quality of the information you share is crucial to the success of your pitch.

Each pitch should be tailored to the specific needs and interests of the potential client. A personalized approach shows that you understand the customer’s challenges and needs and are ready to offer tailor-made solutions.

Also make sure that all the information available online about your company is up-to-date and accurate. This includes your website, social media profiles and all platforms on which your company is present.

By preparing thoroughly and focusing on quality in your pitch, you can significantly increase your chances of success in acquiring new B2B customers.

Mistakes in B2B new customer acquisition

First of all, the biggest mistake of all is to be sparse when it comes to acquiring new customers. But there are also classic mistakes that you should avoid when searching for new business customers. These mainly include the following:

  • Unrealistic promises:
    Whether in sales or advertising, unrealistic promises are a no-go. If you promise too much, you will meet with mistrust from potential customers and are more likely to put them off. It is not uncommon for customers to refer to the smallest deviations or try to uncover further weaknesses. So you shouldn’t make promises you can’t guarantee to keep.
  • Prices too low:
    If you offer your service or product at too low a price, you will also make prospective customers angry. It is not uncommon for the question of the “catch” in the offer to arise – and this must be avoided from the outset.
  • Cheap or outdated design:
    Corporate design plays an important role in B2B customer acquisition. And even if many people are not even aware of this effect, it has a great influence on the subconscious. Your branding should therefore appear professional, trustworthy and appropriate to the company. If you want to save money here, you are definitely saving at the wrong end.
  • No clear positioning:
    Clear positioning can make it much easier to acquire new customers. Because if you know your target group and know what benefits your company brings them, you can better assess and market the value of your services and products.
  • Too many arguments:
    Anyone who acts according to the motto “a lot helps a lot” in B2B customer acquisition is more likely to put off potential customers. Instead of overwhelming your target group with arguments, you should consider which argument is particularly relevant and convincing. Anything else is more likely to confuse potential customers.

Conclusion: Acquiring new B2B customers: quality over quantity

In B2B customer acquisition, quality is more important than quantity. A handful of high-value customers is often enough to generate immense sales.

But don’t make the mistake of relying on your existing customers. After all, a lack of customer inquiries can have a major impact on your company’s profitability. This means that even the best companies are dependent on acquiring new business customers in order to avoid becoming dependent and to be able to survive on the market in the long term.

For B2B acquisition to work, good specialist knowledge and a great deal of intuition are required. Because a business customer expects much more than an end consumer. In addition to absolute professionalism, quality, competence and reliability, this also includes above all trust. This should be conveyed by the contact person as well as reflected in the company’s presence. A suitable presence on the Internet and on relevant social media platforms is essential to convince interested parties.

Do you already know your target group? And if so, have you already developed a suitable strategy for acquiring new customers? Or have you been struggling with the topic of customer acquisition for some time and are wondering why you can’t find any new customers despite your acquisition measures? Then it’s best to contact us directly with your problem. We help both with target group analysis and with the development of a marketing strategy including acquisition measures.


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Published January 11, 2024


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